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Fieldwork dates: 6th October – 11th October 2022

Interview Method: Online

Population effectively sampled:

Two samples;
1. 1,514 18+ General Respondents

2. 1,000 11-17 year olds

Online Sampling Method: The samples were selected at random from the online panel of 300,000+ adults, with sample selected to give a fair spread of respondents.

Sample size:

1. 1,514 18+ General Respondents

2. 1,000 11-17 year olds (Under 17s recruited through their parents for consent)

Sample quotas: Invitations to take part in the survey were sent to a good spread of the age groups for each sample, no quotas were set.

Data weighting: No weighting was used

Questions: Tables are available here; https://charts.censuswide.com/CW10385EC/CW10385EC_VIbox.html

Full excel tables are available upon request.

Further enquiries: [email protected]

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