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Brand Perception

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Brand Perception,

Marketing Perception,

Ranking Against Competitors


Our client – an ETF asset manager – wanted to better understand the perception of their brand, the perception of their marketing, how they could improve their standing and how they rank when compared to their competitors. As part of this, Censuswide measured two specific campaigns as well as the brand itself.


The research was conducted through a mixture of research methods. Quantitative online research was conducted across five markets amongst audiences of ETF buyers. Then there was then a follow up of three qualitative interviews with ETF buyers, in the form up one-hour in-depth telephone calls, per market.

International Surveys,

International Telephone Interviews,

Mixed Method

Marketing restructuring.


Client awareness.


This research acted as a foundation for marketing and advertising decisions in the following year. The client was able to target and interact with their clients and prospective clients in a way they had not been able to previously and were able to refine their communications.

The head of brand said the project was an extremely important exercise that directly impacted budget allocation the following year.

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