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With the upcoming launch of an Aviva Health report, we ran research to support the project on social media, while generating coverage online, in print and across broadcast media.


Research was based on an online survey sampling 2,022 nationally representative UK adults and eight questions were asked. It was key to understand major health insights for press and particular attention was paid to the survey’s four demographic splits – particularly age splits.

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The research provided ample content for Aviva to craft a strong news story and the mental health of the so-called ‘snowflake’ generation. The data-led story secured coverage in major UK print publications, such as Evening Standard and The Telegraph, as well as online platforms including the Mail Online.

The story was also picked up internationally, particularly in the USA, appearing in publications such as Fox News.com, CBA Boston and Miami Herald. Data and insights were also discussed on US morning TV show, Fox & Friends.

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