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To provide a strong thought leadership piece and highlight the launch of Checkmarx One™ Application Security Platform. In correspondence, elevate brand awareness in top-tier trades and business publications as well as using the report as a platform to garner new business leads.


We polled over 1000 AppSec managers and software developers in companies with 1,000+ employees with in-house software development in banking, finance and insurance, public sector, retail and ecommerce and healthcare.
Markets polled included; Americas, EMEA, and APAC.

AppSec Managers

Banking, Finance and Insurance

Americas, EMEA, APAC


As desired, the research was transformed into a thought leadership whitepaper so that prospective customers could make informed decisions based on a peer group survey of AppSec trends and best practices. With a collaboration of the key data points that were produced and the strong narrative behind the research, it gained numerous traction in renowned publications such as Yahoo Finance and Business Wire.

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