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Examples of reporting available at Censuswide.

Excel Reports (included as standard): All projects are tabulated and reported in Excel as standard. These are presented in an intuitive and easy-to-read format.
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The reports are customisable in order and demographic breakdown, also additional analysis such as significance testing available at no extra cost.
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PowerPoint reporting: All projects can also be reported in PowerPoint.
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Online analysis: We also have several online tools to provide analysis for any project.

VI Box (included as standard): Projects are also reported in our online data visualisation tool where anybody can easily customise their tables and charts at the click of a button.
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Online Dashboard: This is a cutting edge market research analysis tool – it allows you to view your full dataset at once, slice the data by demographics, and easily allows you to compare the views of numerous segments at once. Each view is completely dynamic: when new data or filters are added to the dataset, the dashboard updates with the latest values)..
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Dashboard Log in details;
Email: [email protected]
Password: CW_Dashboards1!

In addition to Standard Dashboard benefits, the Premium Dashboard allows you to add multiple question charts split by any demographic of your choosing and highlight any standout statistics using the dynamic KPI widgets. You can customise the dashboard with colour palettes from your brand guidelines and white label with your logo. We can also embed any written copy throughout with graphs to highlight narratives. It is entirely bespoke to your specific data requirements.
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Dashboard Log in details;
Email: [email protected]
Password: CW_Dashboards1!

Written analysis: We also can provide in-depth written analysis to draw out the main findings from the data.

Executive Summary: Bullet point breakdown of the strongest stats per each question.
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Narrative Report: Thematic summary of results which highlights story angles in a concise and easily digestible format (approx. 2 pages).
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White Paper: In depth report, including copy and design, that explores survey findings.
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